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Press Kit & Fact Sheet for The Media

Tell your audiences about U.S. Constitution Toilet Paper! Visit our Media Page, or access our Press Kit and Fact Sheet by clicking the images below. If you join our media e-mail list, you can receive The Daily Wipe, which provides fascinating information about eliminating political corruption that you can use to entertain your audience.

Press Kit
U.S._Constitution_Toilet_Paper_Press_Kit_2006.1 MB PDF

Fact Sheet
U.S._Constitution_Toilet_Paper_Fact_Sheet_2002.8 MB PDF

Additional information about U.S. Constitution Toilet Paper is available on the Home Page of and at the Constitution TP Kickstarter Page.

Check Out Our U.S. Constitution Toilet Paper


Don’t just tell people that America’s leaders are wiping their butts with the Constitution, hand them a roll of U.S. Constitution Toilet Paper!

Click on the toilet paper image above or the colored text link to see U.S. Constitution Toilet Paper.

Check Out Our Actual Constitution Posters


Finally, a Constitution that shows how America’s corrupt government actually operates!

Click on the poster image above or the colored text link to see Actual Constitution Posters.